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Botanical Art in Germany

In September 2009 the first gallery for botanical art in Germany was founded by Sylvia Peter (botanical artist) and Michael Junginger (forest scientist). The gallery represents a variety of international botanical artists working in different media.

Watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings, photographs and plant objects are presented. Artists from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, the USA and Japan show their works in thematic exhibitions.

Upcoming exhibition:

Randbereiche / On the fringes
30. August - 17. November 2024

With her artist wallpaper, the Japanese artist Asuka Hishiki enters the fringes of botanical art. Inspired by a research project at the University of Würzburg, she draws plants and animals of the German forest. A special biodiversity lives in open or shady forest areas and the edge areas in between. This is reflected in Hishiki's elegantly composed, naturalistic wallpaper.

What looks like falling autumn leaves from afar turns out to be punched-out leaves made from patterned origami paper. In Andreas Hentrich’s watercolours, paper leaves and flowers alternate between ornament and illusion. In a playful way, he questions our viewing habits.

The interplay between Germany and Japan, between ornamental design and nature, is complemented by classic botanical watercolors by the two artist friends.

Andreas Hentrich - watercolor, oil painting

Asuka Hishiki - watercolor, wallpaper


Botanical Art Worldwide I – Flora’s new Masters
Spring 2018

In May 2018, Botanical Artists celebrated the plant world for the first time in a joint exhibition project: "Botanical Art Worldwide." Digitally connected exhibitions took place simultaneously in 25 countries on six continents. The artists portrayed the native plants of each country.


Botanical Art Worldwide II – Crop Diversity
Spring 2025

2025 will see the second global project in the Botanical Art Worldwide series. The focus will then be on the diversity of useful plants, heirloom fruit and vegetables or their wild conspecifics, medicinal plants, woody and fibrous plants. We are pleased to host the German-Austrian contribution at the Forum Botanische Kunst again.

Botanical Art Worldwide 25-2.jpg
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