Upcoming exhibition

Halm und Sproß - blade and sprout

13 April - 10 June 2019


herman de vries  -  objects taken from nature
Mariko Ikeda -  watercolor on vellum
Gunther Willinger -  photography
Horst Ziegler  -  photography

A blade of grass is a line –as one can definitely see in Gunther Willinger’s photography. Inspired by the grasslands of South Africa, he creates almost abstract images of this trivial plant. Herman de vries loves grass, too. Using pressed grasses and other objects taken from nature, he continues to attract a broad public in international exhibitions, such as the Vienna Biennale. Mariko Ikeda is an internationally renowned, prize-winning Botanical Artist from Japan. Having specialized in the pandanus tree, in this exhibition she shows its seeds as they sprout and then flower. Photographer Horst Ziegler lets his shooting plants gleam out of the darkness. His small-size pictures are true jewels that can be found in the observation of nature.


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