Upcoming exhibition

Schöne Stille  -  Beautiful Silence

23 September - 10 December 2017

Mariko Ikeda
Achim Weinberg

The careful observation of light falling on and through fruit and leaves is a common starting point for Mariko Ikeda and Achim Weinberg. The Japanese painter Mariko Ikeda travelled to Guam island in the Pacific Ocean to draw the fruit of the Pandanus tree. She found the trees in their natural habitat far away from tourist spots. With breathtaking watercolors on vellum, she creates an immense three-dimensionality, with plant surfaces that seem to be touchable. In this exhibition, we present pigment prints of her Pandanus series as well as watercolor studies of leaves on vellum. Achim Weinberg shows the inner substance of fruit in no less palpable closeness. A manifold series of photographs showing cut grapes reveals a universal image of emerging life. With their bright colors, Achim Weinberg’s photographs present natural energy stores full of vitality and yearning for the future. Floating freely on white paper, the intensive images leave room for the viewer’s own thoughts.

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