About us


Sylvia Peter:
As a child I was fascinated by the world of plants. I grew up in southern Bavaria. I used to be out in the meadows with field guides, collecting herbs for tea. And I always loved painting, I love colours.

I studied painting at the academy of arts Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. One day I painted a huge clover flower on the wall of my bathroom just for fun; but having finished it I knew this was my real artistic theme.

In 2009 my husband Michael and I founded the gallery “Forum Botanische Kunst”. My studio, where we are now, is in the yard of the gallery. I can work next to the exhibited artworks, and often visitors have a look at my works in progress here.

Many of our artists are skilled in botany; they know and understand the plants very well. They examine them closely. Every detail, every stamen they paint meticulously, aiming to match the exact natural colour. For me a painting must have an artistic view as well. It has to deliver something about the world of plants you had not recognized before.

Michael Junginger:
Today’s botanical artists are often influenced by historical scientific illustration and use traditional materials like colour pencil or watercolour. We also present other techniques, like fine art photography, sculpture and sometimes even jewellery or hat fashion.

Sylvia Peter:
We always take our time arranging the exhibitions. It is interesting to see what combinations are possible. Often I am astonished that you can hang a small delicate watercolour next to a deep tone coloured oil painting in perfect harmony.

Michael Junginger:
When we started the gallery, many of our artists were from other countries. Today, more and more German artists are involved. It is always amazing when the artists come to the openings. They meet in the gallery café and there is always a lively exchange of ideas.

Gallery hours

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Saturday - Sunday and on holidays 1.00 - 6.00 pm


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